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What is Dynamic ID?

Most ID cards are static - that is, once it is printed it stays the same.

It probably has their photo on it along with supplementary information that helps your clients to identify whether your staff member is genuine.

But what happens when they leave your employment? Can you guarantee to get their ID card back?

Or what if their role or key information changes? Do you really want to issue a new card? And more importantely, can you guarantee your clients that the person standing in front of them is authorised to work on their premises?

It's very difficult for a client to challenge someone, or ask them to wait while they try to phone you to check their ID.

QRSECURED's Dynamic ID System solves these problems.

By allowing you to store and maintain staff records on a secure database and issue coded ID cards that can be scanned using a smartphone or barcode scanner, you can provide your clients with instant confirmation of your staff’s credentials.

  • Updating staff records is quick and easy using a browser-based interface that can be securely accessed from anywhere using your own personal secure log in
  • Dynamic ID also logs the date, time and location of the scan so you’ll always have a record of clients validating your staff member.
  • The system is highly secure and all data is stored on our own dedicated virtual server

For more information please download this document Dynamic ID



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