Closing the security loop in ID validation





  Validating an ID with QRSecured is quick and easy. Within seconds your client can see the current status of the ID card holder and take appropriate action;  

1. Inform your clients

Once you've issued your ID cards, you inform your clients about how to use them (we provide a web link to an instructional video which lasts only a few moments, and shows them how to use a QR or Barcode scanner on their mobile device to scan the QR code).


2. Client scans ID card

When your staff turn up on location a member of your client organisation scans the QR code on the ID to see confirmation of the holder's status with you.


3. Phone connects to QRSecured Database and scans data

In the event of a former member of your staff trying to use their ID after they have left, the message the client sees on their phone or tablet will advise them of the action they need to take.


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