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Apart from the set-up/printing cost of your ID cards, you get access to the full QR Management system that lies behind QRSECURED's ID validation service, for a simple monthly payment. Our payment scale is designed to enable you to pay only for the number of IDs that you need to use (within a range of bands), and all features of the system are available across all price bands.

Although we are happy to manage the database content for you, if you prefer to manage this yourself there is an online interface that you can use, which will allow you more control over, and flexibility in, the content of the validation record.

You can also set up email alerts for individual ID cards so that you can tell if someone who is no longer on your books is trying to use your ID card, and reports that show when and where cards have been scanned.


  Monthly Cost
£10 £20 £50 £75 £125 £250*

*Over 2500 tags POA

Monthly cost includes all features and functionality;

Dynamic QR Codes, Download as bmp, gif, png, tif, svg or eps; Bulk Download, Bulk Upload, Campaign Tracking, PIN Protection, Email Alert, User Data Capture, SMS Exchange, Live Edit

  ID Card Set-up and Printing  

Our ID cards are available in various formats and finishes and can be fully customised to suit your needs.

For a full cost breakdown and/or to discuss your specific requirements please speak to one of our representatives.





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