simple, quick and secure validation

of staff credentials with dynamic ID.

End to end managed process

You can simply send us the information and artwork you want in your IDs, and the list of personnel and we will do the rest.

Alternatively, combine the QRSECURED ID validation service with your normal print supplies.

Credential validation on all workers

QRSECURED allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to check the ID of your staff - no complex technology or special equipment needed.

All they have to do is scan the QR code or tap the NFC chip...that's it!

Cost effective pricing

Because you don't have to invest in costly hardware or equipment, your costs are kept to the absolute minimum - your printing costs (for simple ID cards) and the monthly charge for our online, secure service.

See QRSecured in use in this demo video created by one of our customers.

QRSecured will quickly and securely validate your employees' IDs onsite.

For a free pdf download of our White Paper please follow this link; Validating ID Cards in a mutli-site context

Demo of QRSecured in use